'Celery' End Grain Teak cutting - Chopping Board 18" x 12"

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Rectangular End Grain board – Functionally solid, the Rectangular end grain board is manufactured for years of service. The end grain surface itself is very hard-wearing, which is why traditional butcher’s blocks were made this way. Produced from Teak and finished with food-grade mineral oil, this board provides a very solid surface and is a joy to chop.

'Celery' End Grain Teak Chopping Board

⏺ All our end grain chopping boards are provided with the SVLK / V-Legal certificate. it’s Indonesia’s legality verification system for wood and wood-based products, all our wood products are legal and traceable to verify its origin. .

⏺ End grain finish. Crafted of sustainably harvested teakwood

⏺ Eco-friendly | Sustainable

⏺ Gentle on knives to prevent dulling with use

⏺ Stain-resistant teak wood ensures your Rico & Plato cutting board will look great over time

⏺ Moisture-resistant

⏺ Ideal for meal preparation, cutting, and serving

⏺ No plastics used in the packing

More Information
Material End Grain
Finish Natural
Dimension (inch) 17 5/8" x 11 3/4" x 2"
Shape Rectangular
Packing Per piece packed in a bag and carton box (No plastics are used)
Note Sizes can vary slightly as all these products are handmade
Note Each piece carries its own individual wood grain characteristics, therefore every single piece is unique.
Style Chopping boards
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