Mindi Wood Barbecue Grill Accessory Caddy - Gray (Large)

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Condiments and sauces are great accompaniments to any barbecuing session, and what better way to keep them tidy and travelling together than in one of our barbecue caddies. This model is made from Mindi, which is one of our preferred local Indonesian woods due to its strength and similarity to Oak in look and character. The construction of the caddy is simple and robust, and it exudes a rustic charm, which is enhanced by the distressed grey-wash finish – a specialty of our experienced wood finishers. A sturdy handle supports the full weight easily and the rope wrapping provides a positive grip when grabbed. This is our large version, which has enough room for all the accouterments you require to flavor your meats and vegetables as you grill away your weekends. The item works as a gift or purchased for yourself, as your friends are sure to see it and need one for themselves. You can tell them where to get it -online only with Rico&Plato.

More Information
Material Mindi
Finish Natural
Dimension (inch) 15 3/4" x 7 7/8" x 9 7/8"
Shape Irregular
Note Sizes can vary slightly as all these products are handmade
Note Each piece carries its own individual wood grain characteristics, therefore every single piece is unique.
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