Teak Soap Dish Hutan
Teak Soap Dish Hutan
Teak Soap Dish Hutan
Teak Soap Dish Hutan

Teak Soap Dish Hutan


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This bowl-shaped piece if Teak is low profile and the perfect shape for a soap dish. The shape is scooped out and carved by hand, and the piece is left with an organically shaped rim. Drain holes are drilled in the dishes floor to allow water to drain out and keep your soap dry and neat. The size of the soap dish is generous, so large cakes of craft soap can be accommodated. The soap dish is finished with a special waterproof lacquer, and this lacquer renders the wood impervious to water, soap, shampoo and other bathroom products. The finish also brings out the fantastic color tone of natural Teak and enhances them. The best modern and funky bathroom accessories are available online with Rico & Plato.

  • Material: Teak
  • Finish: Natural
  • Overall Dimensions: 6" L x 4 5/7" W x 2" H
  • Shape: Oval
  • Packing: Per piece packed in a bag, and in 1 carton box (No plastics are used)
  • Sizes can vary slightly as these Products are Handmade

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