rico plato usa wine and cheese on teak wood table

Wine & Cheese

Wine & Cheese Accessories

Rico & Plato’s range of wine & cheese accessories is tailored towards wineries, winery gift shops, wine cellars, wine bars, bistros and restaurants.

These products have organics designs and are made from organic materials that
have a contemporary and “now” kind of feeling. This contrasts the usual wine
accessory fare available on the market -which is dominated by corkscrews, openers, glassware and the like that are made from glass and steel.

Our products are mainly made from timber (Oak, Pine and Teak) with stone and
other materials as accents and additions.

We can customize our designs, or carvings, or laser logos to suit your business and business model. We can even produce your own designs if you have them.
Take a minute or two to peruse these pages and see the wonderful items we have collected for you.



Mlnella Platter

These Oak barrel head copy serving platters are great. The design motif is that of the top of a barrel, which is known as a barrel head and this is a close copy. The tray part is made from European Oak, with solid brass antique handles, and it has a French vineyard design etched onto the surface, the result of all this a very desirable item to have. Great quality with an easy to replenish mineral oil finish make.


Bottle Holders







Cheese Boards




Glass Dome Cheese Platter

We love to innovate here at Rico&Plato and we feel we have achieved innovation with the Fiore cheese platter. We have combined multiple materials here to create a unique item -those materials being recycled glass, Teak and crazy horse leather.

The glass dome is hand blown and has a wonderful texture and colour. It bulges out slightly before narrowing down again to a 290mm diameter to accommodate all your chesses.

The Teak base is hand turned and has a large lip which holds the glass in place solidly with no allowance for slippage. There is a large foot underneath that lifts the piece up, so it seems to float. A leather strap with some hand turned wooden buttons make a strong and unique handle and complete the look of the piece.