Sanza Teak Trivet
Sanza Teak Trivet
Sanza Teak Trivet

Sanza Teak Trivet


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The Sanza Teak Root Trivet is a stunning and functional piece for your kitchen. Crafted from a slice of genuine teak root, each trivet is unique with its own distinct grain pattern and rich golden-brown color. The natural shape of the root dictates the one-of-a-kind design, ensuring no two trivets are exactly alike. Durable steel handles are firmly attached and sealed to prevent rust, making it easy to move hot pans and dishes. Beyond its primary use as a trivet to protect your countertops, this versatile piece can also double as a beautiful serving platter or cheeseboard. Finished with a food-grade mineral oil, the Sanza Teak Root Trivet combines rustic charm with modern functionality for your home.

  • Sizes can vary slightly as these Products are Handmade. Each Piece Carries Its Own Individual Wood Grain Characteristics, Therefore Every Single Piece Is Unique.
  • Material: Teak
  • Finish: Natural
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.5" L x 7.5" W x 4/5'' H
  • Shape: Irregular
  • SVLK Certified - SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia's national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multi-stakeholder consensus.