Teak Lemon Reamer I
Teak Lemon Reamer I
Teak Lemon Reamer I

Teak Lemon Reamer I


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This handheld Teak citrus reamer is perfect companion in the kitchen. Handmade in the traditional reamer shape and finished with mineral oil, it is a comfortable and easy to use utensil for the kitchen accessory connoisseur. The shape will squeeze all of the juice out of your cut citrus with ease, and with a quick rinse and pat dry will be ready for the next use. Use it to make your juices, or cocktails and other drinks. It can also be used for baking cakes and any other recipes requiring citrus juice. Collect all of Rico & Plato's kitchen and dining accessories by shopping online with us.

  • Material: Teak
  • Finish: Natural
  • Overall Dimensions: 6 1/9" L x 1 4/7" W x 1 4/7" H
  • Shape: Irregular
  • Packing: Per piece packed in a bag, and in 1 carton box (No plastics are used)
  • Sizes can vary slightly as these Products are Handmade